My friend Danielle Belén has lined up quite an event this coming Sunday, and no, it’s not the Super Bowl.  It’s a couple thousand miles west of Indy.

She’s organized a benefit concert for Center Stage Strings, the summer music camp she started herself a few years back.  Headlining the concert is cellist Lynn Harrell, and the featured event is the world premiere of Multiplicity, a work I composed last summer while at Wintergreen.  Here is the program note:

Multiplicities abound in our daily lives, countless duplications, each of which we strive to personalize, to distinguish with our personal touch, our page, our device, our moment.   The sheer number of individualities at times seems to swallow all distinctions into a burbling mass.  But now and again a single voice emerges, is heard and can be celebrated.  We are what each of us does; we are what all of us do.

The concert is in Thayer Hall at the Colburn School in Los Angeles at 3 pm; weather forecast is calling for a high in the mid-70s.  Wish I could be there.

I also wish I could be a couple thousand miles north of LA on Sunday for the latest performance of Poke by Low and Lower.  This one will be at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. If you find yourself that close to the Arctic Circle, check it out.  As I write this, the current temperature there is -28F.  How can you resist?

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