Fun weekend coming

Today we have Eleonor Sandresky as our guest in Composition Seminar.   Eleonor comes from a family of successful female musicians – she is, I believe, the fifth generation – and she has carved out a singular space in new music as a pianist-composer.    She will be demonstrating her work for what she calls “choreographic piano” and live electronic sensor system.  Have I mentioned that I love having guests who do things that are completely different from what I do?

Hopping across the Atlantic tomorrow, the Quartetto Sassofoni d’Accademia will give the European premiere of Terranean Meditation at the Teatro Savoia in Campobasso, Italy.  If you are in the vicinity, stop by at 6:30 pm and let me know how it went.

Sunday will bring the second European performance of Terranean Meditation.  Same group, different location – this time, Sulmona, Italy.

Hop back across the Atlantic (or over Asia and the Pacific, if your itinerary allows) and you can catch the second performance of Multiplicity in Los Angeles on the same day.   (Yes, I ever so briefly considered trying it – the difference in time zones makes it just this side of impossible).  This time, Danielle Belen’s sextet moves from Thayer Hall, the scene of the premiere a few weeks ago, to Zipper Hall.  Again, if you are there, let me know how it went.

Much as I’d enjoy being in Italy or California, I’ll be here instead, focused on a different sort of celebration Sunday – the fourth birthday of my brilliant second son.  He’s filled my head with poetry this past year.  Here’s my favorite: “I know where all the days go.  They dissolve into the curvy arms of the Milky Way.”

If you gotta go, that sounds like a pretty nice destination.

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