Six hours of rehearsal down. Four hours of recording tomorrow, four more hours on Tuesday. I managed to sneak down to the Winter Garden for the Bang on a Can Marathon, just long enough to catch Brad Lubman conducting Signal in Michael Gordon’s hour-long Trance. The experience wasn’t much to tweet home about, though – there’s far more going on in that piece than the Winter Garden could report. But there were a lot of enthusiastic listeners, scattered among the cell-phone users and baby strollers.

Zipped out when the tabla player began. Sad to say, I’ve pretty much burned out on tabla playing. Partly because I was a little too enthusiastic about it ten years ago. Besides, it was time for me to get back to the hotel so I could Sing in the Can.

I tried to get into the Guggenheim to hear Nico Muhly’s new scent opera, but arrived a tad late – sold out. So I can’t speak for the opera, but my attempt to witness it really stank.

Meanwhile, I have neglected to credit the remarkable musicians I’m working with right now. Time to make amends:

Lauren Flanigan, soprano
Stephen Williamson, clarinet
Taimur Sullivan, tenor saxophone
Arnaud Sussmann, violin
Richard O’Neill, viola
Clancy Newman, cello
Melvin Chen, piano
Ransom Wilson, conductor

It’s a monster roster, and Ransom sets just the right tone in rehearsal, giving guidance where needed, allowing everyone enough room to let their musicianship fly. This afternoon we’ll gather at the Academy and nail this piece down, bar by bar.

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