I’ve painted a house, hung a door, fixed the plumbing. I’ve cooked a five-course meal, dug a grave, installed a lock. I’m not good at any of these things, but I did as well as I could under the circumstances. Fortunately, nobody depends on me doing any of these things on a regular basis.

All of these activities have given me a lot of respect for people who do them well, because I know that I had to invest a lot of time and effort just to do them passably. I don’t have the talent, patience or just plain dumb luck to master these kinds of tasks so — at this point in my life — I do my best to avoid them. Instead, I rely on the assistance of experts.

And I’m happy to pay the experts fairly for their expertise.

I live in a painted house, with mostly well-hung doors and reasonably functional plumbing. If any of those things falter, I’ll call the people who have devoted their lives to fixing them.

When they arrive, I’ll show them the problems, and nod encouragingly when they describe solutions I don’t understand.

Then I’ll head off to my studio, sit down at my desk and busy myself with the one thing I’ve devoted my life to doing well.

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