Class trip time.  Tonight we are off to what I understand is the second performance of David Lang’s Love Fail, an hour-long meditation on love, as it is experienced vs. how it is memorialized.  The text is a fascinating amalgam of various tellings of the Tristan story crossed with writings of contemporary author Lydia Davis.  Can’t wait to hear it. Given the fact that the piece was written for, and will be performed by, Anonymous Four, it sounds like a perfect recipe for David Lang in his attractive, neo-Medieval mode.

Here’s a vimeo about the piece, featuring Lang and an onymous one:

Love Fail from International Festival of Arts & on Vimeo.

First performance seems to have taken place in New Haven in June; I’d be curious to know if the four-month hiatus before outing number two was an opportunity for performers and composer to tweak and refine.  Tweaking and refining are two of my favorite things to do, but not everybody agrees.

Nice class trip if you can get it: board the bus, fifteen minutes later we’ll arrive at the venue.  Many thanks to the Secrest Artist Series for co-commissioning the piece and hosting the performance, and to the Kenan Institute for the Arts for taking all of us for a ride.

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