As I noted last time, my students have an orchestra concert tomorrow.  I’ve been enjoying the rehearsals, but tomorrow will be the real payday.  Meanwhile, another student (Nicholas Rich) is in Columbus, OH, where he has the honor of having a piece called Big Circles on the SCI National Conference program tonight – not the student conference, mind you, but the one featuring seasoned pros.

Monday I’ll be at Symphony Space for the NY premiere of What Happened, a piano quartet, courtesy of 20>>21, as part of the Composers Now! Festival (actually, I’ve seen the name of this festival given with an exclamation point, a colon and nothing at all).  I feel honored to have not one but two works on this festival — I neglected to mention that the premiere of Seven Stories last week was part of the same festival.  I’m eager to find out how this ensemble pronounces its name, and exactly what kind of emphasis to give the punctuation in the festival title.

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