When I first moved from NY to NC in 1987, I had to adjust to, among other things, the early emergence and sustained resonance of spring.  After all these years, I’m still taken aback by the vivid colors of late February.  Now it’s March, and the seasonal shift is in full swing, though the equinox is still half a month away.

But spring has many meanings, and many manifestations.  Right now, in the tail wind of winter, I’m in the middle of spring break, a time of intense creative focus.  String Quartet No. 6 is a mess of scribbles now, showing its outlines and some random details, much as the nascent spring is apparent in the expanded boughs and dotted hues.

I will likely be writing further about this piece in the coming months (it’s not due until next winter) but this week I will content myself with the writing, instead of the writing about.

So for now, check out Low and Lower’s performance last Friday of an excerpt from Poke on WGBH’s “Drive Time Live:”

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