In my last post, I declared the intention to complete my sixth string quartet by Tuesday.

Tuesday is tomorrow.

Oh well.

As it happens, I am nowhere close to finishing this piece.  But the pressure I put on myself to get it done had some benefits.  I now have some very clear parameters I’m working with:

  • Two movements
  • First movement is a long, excursive piece; second movement is much shorter, very concise.
  • There are two possible endings for the first movement – I think that deciding how to end the first movement may be one of the last things that happens in the compositional process.
  • There is a lot of work to be done on the second movement, but I think it’s mostly clerical work (making sure all the details are in order), as opposed to imaginative work (figuring out what needs to happen).

I still intend to set it aside on Wednesday for other projects.  Can’t wait to see what I think of it when it returns front-and-center.

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