This past week has seen three major deadlines come and go for my students.  First, and biggest, was the deadline for compositions for the nu ensemble, the new-music band batoned by Saxton Rose.  Their concert is on February 22nd; this past Wednesday was the deadline for penultimate drafts, so parts could be assigned.  Now the composers have until January 15th to make whatever tweaks they please to make the pieces as fine as they can be.  We’ve got a horde of pieces, from solo piano to chamber orchestra.

Next up was the deadline for flute ensemble works, organized by Tadeu Coelho.  Tadeu was looking for pieces for 7-14 players, bass to piccolo, for a concert on March 22nd, a tour, and publication.  After the seminar we had on flute ensemble back in September, students had a fair sense of the strange range of possibilities from various combinations of flutes. We had five submissions, ranging from prickly aleatoric to sweet lullaby.  With all the flute ensembles out there (seriously, there are gobs of them), performance opportunities abound.

And last was a deadline for guitar ensemble works, for a performance on April 1st featuring music from the 16th and 21st centuries.  Three guesses which century our students were charged with representing.

All of these deadlines have had my inbox and outbox jammed with PDFs, as I shared years of proofreading experience with relative neophytes.  Now that all those deadlines are past, I’d like to take a deep breath – except Composition Jury packets are due this Thursday.

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