nitpicky hat

I’ve got my nitpicky hat on.  My students have to have their orchestra scores done for the Winston-Salem Symphony by Tuesday, so we are deep into proofing phase.

When my nitpicky hat is on, it’s best if I don’t offer an opinion on anything but spellings and formatting, so this is a good time to point you to the opinion of someone else, namely Toronto composer and critic Colin Eatock, who had some very nice things to say about me in a piece he posted in the waning hours of 2013, called New Music I Like.

Mr. Eatock is kind enough to say my music is “never lazy,” and I only wish that could be true.  The truth is that the lazy bits stick to the roof of my mouth like peanut butter, only to be dispersed with a severe tongue-lashing.  On the other hand, when he says “The kind of hyper-seriousness that attached itself to many modernist works is conspicuously absent,” I can only breathe a sigh of relief.   Serious, yes.  Hyper?  Please, no.

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