Probably too many of my recent posts are about upcoming concerts here, but I can’t ignore the fact that it’s a busy month for new music fans.  Tonight is the student composers concert I wrote about last time.  Tomorrow afternoon, Forecast Music will play a program called Brooklyn Sounds: Copland Meets the Moderns, with music by Eric Schwartz, John Corigliano, Timo Andres and Derek Bermel in addition to Aaron Copland.  Click for details.

Coming on Tuesday is the Espina/Browne/Shteinberg Trio, with a program including Kenneth Frazelle’s Winter Turns, György Kurtág’s Hommage à R. Sch and Daniel Weymouth’s Echo Location and Echo, a Trifle.  All of which makes lovely company for the NC premiere of my GPS Lady.  Here’s what I wrote about it for the program notes:

One night, driving a rental car through rural California in search of a music festival, I found myself, at the insistence of my GPS, on a one-way dirt road.  I had already been behind the wheel for a long time, and my ability to focus
was dissolving as the hours became wee.  Unable to resist the cajoling
voice of my positioning system, I continued a ways down this dirt road,
hoping to find some sign of my destination.  Instead, I encountered a
crudely painted board that said COME ANY CLOSER AND I WILL SHOOT.
Needing no further inducement, I put the car in reverse and backed out
the twisty, pitted path, no less in the dark than I was when I began my
journey. Unperturbed, my GPS patiently encouraged me to continue forward,
her soothing voice half persuading me that a quick bullet would be far
preferable to further thrashing through the darkness.

GPS Lady is a love song to technology, a rumination on our sometimes perilous relationships with these maddening and comforting devices — maddening because they can be so witlessly wrong, and comforting because no matter how bad things get, their confidence never wavers.

Much more about the concert here.

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    Best. Program note. Ever.

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