I’m in a very gratifying place right now – last Tuesday night, I got to hear Alicia Willard, a freshman comp student, play vibes in the premiere of her subtle and lovely Irony of the Sentiments on our Percussion Ensemble concert. Saturday night I heard the premiere of her Ganache for piano duo, on the same concert in which the nu contemporary ensemble performed music by students Michael Ahrens (Mutations), Jesse Blair (One of Many Factors), Tom Brennan (Sketches and Rock Creek Bucolic), Lucas Hausrath (Quartet for Piano and Brass), Ted Oliver (Childhood Antics) and Jeremy Phillips (Fire and Ice). Next Monday a student woodwind quintet will top off a program of Fine, Carter and Nielsen with the premiere of Leo Hurley’s new quintet – as yet untitled, I believe.

It’s very satisfying to see all of the hard work that has gone into these compositions pay off, and to see all of these instrumentalists rallying behind their compositional colleagues with some edge-of-your-seat performances.

Makes me very glad I got into this line of work.

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