When music lovers argue about what music should and shouldn’t do, we frequently fall into fallacious age comparisons. If technique x has been around longer than y, we say x is more natural than y, by which we mean it is better. If, on the other hand, we prefer y, we might say x is no longer relevant, making y better because it is more current.

Relative age is an important descriptive aspect of music and musical materials, but it’s foolish to dismiss techniques on the basis of how long they’ve been around. Art is about truth, which is sometimes as new as BluRay and sometimes as old as dust.

We think of the cosmos very differently from the way it was thought of a few decades ago. But we breathe the same way – in and out — we have for 10,000 years.

Which of those truths is more relevant to our existence? Which one is more important to artistic expression?

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