Today I get to report on my typo of the month.

A few weeks ago, an evening reading session of student composers’ pieces with our orchestra was postponed because of snow.

I have to chuckle whenever I think of things getting called off here because of snow – the mere threat of flurries in the forecast is enough to shut down schools in the entire county, which is comical to someone who moved here from the northeast.

But on the other hand, it makes sense, when you have as little snow as we have around here – it certainly isn’t economical for the city to maintain snowplow equipment and personnel for an event that might happen every other year. So, in effect, a few inches of snow really can shut things down.

Anyway, I sent out a notice of the cancellation, but through a slip of the speedy fingertips, I typed “postponed because of snot.”

On the other hand, given all of the flu symptoms that were going around, maybe I wasn’t so far off.

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