color dorian grayPDVD_017A few weeks ago, I wrote about the possibility that my position might be restructured in the wake of budget cuts.  As it turned out, my position has been restructured in a way that makes it exactly what I need it to be at this point in my life: I’ve rid myself of 99% of the numbing administrative work I had been doing, and the school has decided to increase its emphasis on the composition department I run because, frankly, the composition department has been doing extremely well since I started running it in 2000.

I am now just Composer in Residence at the school – no more Assistant Dean, no more theory teaching, no more conducting.

So how come I’m not ecstatic about this turn of events?

While I’ve been put in a position that suits me perfectly, seven adjuncts and two staff members, some of whom I count as close friends, have been let go.

That’s not the way I wanted this to happen.

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