Got a contract the other day for a composer residency I’ll be doing next spring.  Along with the obligatory signatures and W-2 form, this one asked me to provide proof of liability insurance.

Liability insurance?

That’s for people whose work has the potential to put other people in danger, right?

I have nothing against believing that music has special powers, but how could my compositions put anyone at risk?

Of course, the side of me that panics in the face of insignificant threats is quickly imagining lawsuits over torn bow hairs, cracked reeds and split embouchures.  What happens if the conductor pokes someone in the eye with his baton?  Is that my bad?

The thought makes my fretful pects clench off the flow of oxygen to my brain.

Then the side of me that takes pride in meaningless accomplishments pats my back for having the courage to pursue such a treacherous profession.

Oxygen flows, and I’m free to consider other pointless concerns.

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