A recording of my vocal works is coming out on the ALBANY label in a couple of months.  Last summer, when the details were being negotiated, ALBANY asked me for an image for the cover.  I was in the middle of about umpteen thousand different projects, so I sent them the first picture I came across.  It happened to be the photo you can find to the left of this column: me sitting in front of a computer screen filled with music.

ALBANY’s designers made a perfectly lovely cover out of this image:

albany cover take one

But when they sent me the proof, I realized I had made a mistake.

Appendage and Other Stories is a disk of real-life stories and far-ranging fantasies, performed by outstanding actors, singers, and instrumentalists.  But you’d never guess that from this photo.  It looks like I’m a guy who sits in front of his computer, dreams up complicated pitch/sound patterns and realizes them as pristine MIDI confections.   Nothing wrong with being that guy, but that’s not where this disk is coming from.

So I put the brakes on the release and got together with a photographer friend.  We came up with this:

crumpled manuscript

A crumpled sheet of manuscript on the strings of a piano is much more in keeping with the spirit of the works inside.  Much as I’d like to just sit in my room and twiddle notes together, I understand that a lot of nonmusical things affect the way we experience music.

Now we’ll see what the ALBANY designers do with this photo.

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