We hosted Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center for a residency here over the weekend. For me, that meant coordinating the pickup and dropoff times for over a dozen flights, shuttling guests to and from hotel rooms, and being a curious and informative host.

In return, we got a beautiful performance Sunday night, along with five master classes and two chamber coachings. The classes were taught by Ida Kavafian, Paul Neubauer, Fred Sherry, Kurt Muroki and Carol Wincenc. The coachings were done by Cho-Liang Lin and Tara Helen O’Connor.

I’m collecting feedback from the participants on the classes and coachings. The performance was an evening of concertos – seemingly an odd choice for a chamber music society, but they were all Baroque concertos, so they were perfect for the virtuosic ensembles assembled before us. Handel, Telemann, Corelli and Vivaldi held sway in the first half. The second half featured Bach’s fourth and fifth Brandenburgs.

Sharing the stage with the veterans listed above, four outstanding young players made strong impressions: Lily Francis, Arnaud Sussman, Beth Guterman and Priscilla Lee. In particular, Francis and Sussman sparkled as both soloists and ensemble players. And John Gibbons gave a fantastical performance of Handel’s B-flat major harpsichord concerto.

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