In NYC this week recording two more quartets with Daedalus – numbers 2 (2002) and 3 (2005).  Last night we rehearsed for a few hours; today we’ll make number 2 stick to the microphones.

When we finish this evening, I’ll head over to Gene Pritsker’s home for an interview with noizepunk & das crooner.  Looking forward mightily.

My compositional life is completely tied to the past right now with a little future and no present.  By which I mean that I’m thinking vaguely about possible future projects, haven’t actually written any music in about six weeks, and I’ve been working round the clock on recording, editing, writing and talking about older works.

It’s a strange place for me to find myself after years of being in the middle of composing one piece after another.

Speaking of finding yourself, if you happen find yourself in Durham, NC this Saturday night with a hundred dollars to plunk down, be sure to attend the gala concert of the Mallarmé Chamber Players and you’ll be able to catch a performance of Bacchus Chaconne by Eric Pritchard and Suzanne Rousso.

Or, if you are in LA Sunday afternoon, you can hear Danielle Belén play Façade with pianist Jennie Jung on her Colburn faculty recital — and it will cost you exactly $100 less.

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