Had an interesting meeting with my boss the other day to discuss the restructuring of my position in the wake of substantial budget cuts. He offered me two options, which I can summarize as follows: pay cut or demotion.

In other words, I could have my job reclassified in a way that most people would find very impressive while taking a pay cut, or I could keep the same pay but have my responsibilities reconfigured into more of a clerical position.

I don’t blame him for offering these options – he’s doing his best to manage a tough situation – it’s just funny to me that this is my choice: worse work or worse pay. You’d assume a better job would translate into better pay. But these are not typical times.

And I’m not feeling sorry for myself, because all of us who are employed right now have to count ourselves fortunate.

So which will I choose? Right now, it’s a tossup for me. But he wants an answer asap, of course, because my answer will affect a number of other decisions he has to make.

Which way will I go? Or is there another option we haven’t thought of?

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