I’ve begun work on Blossom this week, and I’m beginning in a way that is a bit unusual for me. But then, I usually begin each piece in a way that is somehow a departure, because I want to believe, at least, that I have many ways of writing music, not just one.

In any case, with this piece, I am taking the first half-hour of my composing time each day this week to draft the first minute. After one minute is drafted, I stop, and move on to other projects. The next day, I start over, without referring to my previous draft, working out anew the shape of the first minute of this 6-8 minute piece.

At the end of the week, I’ll collect my seven drafts and compare them. They will be fairly similar – maybe one or two of them will be drastically different. Hopefully there will be certain traits common to all seven. These recurring traits will be the fundamental forces, the cornerstones, that shape the piece. Then there will be little ideas that only show up once, but may have just the right quirkiness to make the piece come alive.

Next week, I’ll pounce on the quirks.

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