I’ve been out of commission the past couple of months during my move to western New York, but I’m still sending installments of The Composer Next Door back to Oklahoma City where it’s broadcast across the state and online. Today’s show (5pm EST) will feature Wanderings, a woodwind quintet by Derek Bermel, Shiroi Ishi, a vocal work by Ken Ueno performed by the Hilliard Ensemble and Daniel Bernard Roumains’ String Quartet No. 5 “Rosa Parks” with a performance by the Lark Quartet. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Different Beats on The Composer Next Door”
  1. zeno says:

    Oklahoma listeners and taxpayers get New York Phil, Concertgebuow, Chicago, Cleveland, SymphonyCast, MTT Files, Opera, The Composer Next Door …

    ‘Greater Washington [D.C.]‘ listeners and taxpayers get “From the Top” and the legacy playlists from the WETA/WGMS business merger — in which the commercial-driven WGMS came out on top and assumed artistic direction for virtually all classical music programming. (WETA used to program New York Phil, Concertgebuow, Chicago, Cleveland, SymphonyCast, et al. before the times of difficulty began, for WETA, about two years ago).

    Congratulations on your show and service, Rob, and good luck with your relocation.

  2. james sproul says:

    Hey Rob. Glad to see you are able to keep the show going. It is a great show. Hope things are going well for you up there in New York.

    Take Care,