ArtikulationWhile I’m on my Ligeti mini-memoriam kick, and apropos of nothing in particular, I want to offer this video from YouTube.

In the 1970′s, Rainer Wehinger created a visual listening score to accompany Ligeti’s 1958 electronic piece Artikulation; our YouTube poster kindly synched this score up to the recording, so you can follow this elegant little graphic essay pretty easily in time to the music. (I can’t seem to embed YouTube videos in the forum, so just click on the image to view.)

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  1. james sproul says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is great. Someone has done this for one of the early Stockhausen pieces (Studie II, I think) – but it’s in a Max/MSP format. I wonder if it’s possible to export it?

  3. Anthony Cornicello says:

    Sorry, that was me posting above.

    Now you know it: I\’m really the Anonymous guy. And, apparently, Galen is the \”they\” in \”they say\”.