Like the Monoliths in 2001: A Space Odyssey, this link simply appears, unbidden… What does it mean? What purpose can there be?… WHO will discover the answer?… (and win my own copy of the Asphodel 4-CD John Cage Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music delivered to their door?…) All I know is the magic number seems to be 32…

49 Responses to “Daaa, daaaaa, daaaaaaa…. Da-DAAAHHHH!…”
  1. david toub says:

    Steve, are these some of your Picks from the recent past? I also recognize Earle Brown and Maria de Alvear among them.

  2. Steve Layton says:

    Which would make Mr. Toub’s new magic number 30…

  3. Kyle Gann says:

    1. Maryanne Amacher
    4. David Behrman
    5. Earle Brown
    7. Maria De Alvear
    30. Linda Catlin Smith
    32. Lois Vierk
    34. Claude Vivier

  4. Steve Layton says:

    While Mr. Gann’s magic number becomes 25…

  5. Kyle Gann says:

    Is 20 Hermann Nitsch?

  6. Steve Layton says:

    Nein, Herr Gann. That guess couldn’t be farther than the moon! (albeit a small one…)

  7. Evan Johnson says:

    21 is Marc Mellits. Was that the Daily Double?

    Oh, and 10 is Francisco Guerrero.

  8. Steve Layton says:

    Mr. Johnson’s extended immersion in our institutes of higher learning yields a magic number no better than Mr. Toub’s circling of the musical establishment’s periphery. Alas, alack! But Mr. Johnson does get a half-point extra coming up with the daily-double idea (composers like to award innovation). So only 29.5 more, and the Cageian splendor is his.

  9. david toub says:

    Yeah, I like to stay unimmersed in institutes of higher learning and all that establishment stuff.
    20 is one of the dudes from ZZ Top, right? You put that one in to fool us, I bet.

    #6: Lanie Fefferman? (vs. Celine Dion?). Her brother Robert taught me math in college. Nice guy, who unfortunately doesn’t get as much credit as his brother Charles, but I digress.

    #15—?Alex Temple

    #19—???Virgil Moorefield

    #29—Ann Cotten

    #33: Olivia De Prato

    Yeah, 21 is Marc Mellits.

  10. Steve Layton says:

    Aside from one or two, none of them are past “click-picks”. Mr. Toub makes a valiant charge: numbers 6, 15, 19, 20, 29, 33… but *all* wrong! But right-ho and stiff upper lip, pick yourself up, that’s a lad…

  11. david toub says:

    The ZZ Top dude was correct, then…right?

  12. Why has nobody recognized good old Dennis yet? And isn’t that Gerald Barry just before him – suggesting an alphabetical order…

  13. Which can only mean nr. 36 is Yun (whose face I don’t know).

  14. Sparky P. says:

    10. Francisco Guerrero

  15. Sparky P. says:

    Sorry, I submitted too soon…

  16. Steve Layton says:

    By gad, sir! What powers of deduction! I like a man who can see through the forest… Look, Wilmer, Mr. Vriezen polishes off another three!

  17. Kyle Gann says:

    Good work, Samuel – your alphabetical hint helps me recognize 31 as Yasunao Tone. I should have noticed my first seven were in alphabetical order, but Maria de Alvear alphabetizes herself under A, not D.

  18. Steve Layton says:

    Fear not, premature submission can often be treated and even cured with modern medicine, Sparky. Besides, nobody can recognize Francisco Guerrero too early or too often in my book!

    And Mr. Toub refuses to abandon his attempt to get #20 to join my own new home of Houston’s most beloved band, but ZZ top he’s not. Actually, he *is* quite the fine drummer, and could probably drive their music machine pretty well…

  19. Tom DePlonty says:

    Is #19 by any chance Daniel Lentz?

  20. Kyle Gann says:

    Senator, I know Daniel Lentz. And that’s no Daniel Lentz.

  21. Steve Layton says:

    And ah suggest the Representative from the great state of Bard really knows what he knows before he says he knows it:

    Point to Congressman DePlonty, ah believe…

  22. Steve Layton says:

    But Mr. Gann *did* decipher that #31 is indeed Yasunao Tone, thus putting him so far in front of the pack as to make you all look like mangey runts of the litter… The catch is that they’re *almost* in purely alphabetical order (a good composer always inserts a little irrationality and intuition into the structure…).

  23. everette minchew says:

    Is #16 Joan Jeanrenaud?

  24. Tom DePlonty says:

    #11 is Kamran Ince.

  25. Tom DePlonty says:

    #27 – Eliane Radigue?

  26. 17 is Paul Lansky
    26 is Chris Penrose

    My other guesses don’t fit alphabetical order. The ZZ Top guy bears a certain resemblance to Terry Riley. 16 looks a lot like Augusta Read Thomas. 14 looks really familiar, but I can’t place her.

  27. Steve Layton says:

    Mr. Minchew is a nay (or a nein, in this case); But Mr. DePlonty is DePlenty correct on both counts, bravo! You’ve raised yourself from a runt, sir, and are nipping at the heels of Greyhound Gann…

  28. Steve Layton says:

    Mr. Brown leaps onto the field with not one, but *two* solid revelations! (And getting le M. Penrose is quite a feather for your cap! But not the hardest…)

  29. Tom DePlonty says:

    #6 – Allison Cameron

  30. Steve Layton says:

    “It might be…it could be…it is!…Tomm-Eee! Tomm-Eee! Tomm-Eee!” Home run on Ms. Cameron! (and a hint that our composer brothers and sisters both North and South should be kept in mind…).

  31. Kyle Gann says:

    Heavens. Well, I saw Allison last summer and Daniel a year or so ago, and certainly neither of them looks like that now. But it did cross my mind that that was Paul Lansky.

  32. #25 is Sarah Peebles. I took that photo, or I wouldn’t have guessed.

    And how did I get in such good company?


  33. Steve Layton says:

    Pity, Dennis, pure pity… ;-)

    And now that Ms. Peebles has been outed, 20 down, 16 to go…

  34. Tom DePlonty says:

    #8 Francis Dhomont

  35. Tom DePlonty says:

    #28 – John Rea?

  36. Evan Johnson says:

    Yes, John Rea. I knew he looked familiar.

  37. Steve Layton says:

    Mr. DePlonty shows his acute awareness of both ends of the Montréal musical spectrum. Rea and Dhomont they are. Keep up this pace, my son, and you’ll be terrorizing your neighbors with hours of Atlas Eclipticalis in no time!

  38. Well, now that all the easy ones have been done…. 12 sort of looks like Phil Kline. I know I’ll be kicking myself when 20 and 21 are named (21 looks like Andrew Bolotowsky, but that’s out of alpha order). And I’d swear that 29 is Rosalie Sorrells as photographed by Marion Ettlinger, but that wouldn’t seem to fit, alpha-wise, either.

  39. Steve Layton says:

    Ms. Leach kicks in, but cruel fate kicks back!… #12 isn’t Kline, though a “kleine” version might be known as a kumquat. Mr. Johnson previously discerned the Mellits-fulousness of #21, so kick away. #20 seems to be a stumper to many, but more I couldn’t say without going to the source… #29? Not Sorrells, so sorry… but I know where you live and you’re closer than you think.

  40. 29 – Marga Richter

  41. Steve Layton says:

    Mr. Cooman scores for the home team! (At least I *assume* he’s at home; I sure am…) Marga Richter it is! …The brows furrow, the sweat beads…the row is becoming a tough hoe now…

  42. Steve Layton says:

    For all those scorecard-challenged among us, the mystery remains for numbers 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 33 and 35…

  43. david toub says:

    I had a revelation as I was waking up (which happens sometimes…go figure). In terms of the purpose of all this: does it have anything to do with Number 9 and the cover of the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band? That is, revolution #9 from the white album and the recent death of Stockhausen? I get these weird thoughts in the morning sometimes, that’s all…

  44. Steve Layton says:

    Actually, word is if you play Telemusik backwards you’ll hear “Eleanor Rigby” in the background…

    And in honor of Stockhausen and wild theoretical flights in general, Mr. Toub gains a full extra point!

  45. Steve Layton says:

    Ohhhh the pain, Ohhh the injustice! Will no one rescue the last thirteen stars in our constellation?… Can no one bring a name to these oh-so-worthy souls? Must their work be destined to continue without face or name?? Hear their voices crying out in the musical wilderness! Salva me, Rodrigo, salva me!!…

  46. Rob Deemer says:

    23 – John Howell Morrison

  47. Steve Layton says:

    Rob, redeemer of you all! You brought us through some hard weather, and to good wood… Though there’s a bit more wood to collect (and quite a few passport stamps for the remaining names).

  48. 14, 15, 16 and 33 look really familiar, but I just can’t place the faces. Doggone, Steve, it’s almost time to liberate us from the memory-stress.


  49. Steve Layton says:

    Arrgh, Sluggards and Blackguards all round! Perhaps there’s nothing left but to consult the oracle…