Adventurous internet pal/violinist/composer Johnny Chang just sent around another reminder that the next round of the justly-famous MicroScore Project is upon us. I herewith pass his very words on to you:

First if you don’t know about the project, please have a listen to some microscores first. As you are listening attempt to imagine a performance of 40 to 60 (or more) compositions, ideas, concepts, all coming together to create a kaleidoscope of sonic-visual tapestry. From our Vancouver, B.C. concert of March 2007 (PDF program here):



And now if you are still interested, read on !


INVITING Writers, Musicians, Artist, Performers, Instrumentalists, Listeners

Seeking 30-second compositions that can be performed as solo AND duo – instrumentation: violin and cello, or for one or two performers. Just to clarify, the composition has to function Both as a solo AND when performed by the duo. Potentially there will be three performances of the work. The first show will be the SOLO Violin versions.

For the moment, the show is scheduled for February 20, 2008 at the Wine Cellar (Auckland) – the submission period ends January 19.

Some guidelines for Scores Submissions.

1. Scores sent in PDF format should be set in A4 or 11′x7.5′ format.
2. If you are sending hard copies instead, please make sure to have 3 copies of the score.
(Most times it should not be necessary to send individual parts as the compositions are so short. Please give this some thought.)
3. Attach a very brief micro-bio of yourself, maximum 30 words.



The fun things about these pieces: 1) you don’t need to be an official composer, or even use traditional notation; you just need to be a person with an good, interesting idea and a way to score it; 2) the pieces end up all contributing to a larger whole, both with all the other pieces, and in their mutability from solo to duo settings. Go for it, have fun!


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  1. ay says:

    UGHHH, please no blind MySpace links! Otherwise thank you for posting this; it sounds very cool & inspired….