Just when you thought that the American public has forgotten all about composers like Cage…he’s brought up in a political discussion on the Time magazine blog Swampland. The comment thread, while not groundbreaking, is interesting because it seems to veer away from politics and more towards a discussion of the piece and its creator.

3 Responses to “Sarah Palin vs. John Cage…when silence really means something”
  1. Paul H. Muller says:

    The VP debates are tonight and perhaps Sen. Biden will have a moment to study a bit of Cage and learn to appreciate the value of silence. It would surely improve his speaking style and his chances.

  2. David Coll says:

    For a more comprehensive comparison of John Cage with politics, try out Ian Pace’s Article in the new Open Space magazine….yep, Ronald Reagan!

    A very interesting article.

  3. JT says:

    Cage forgotten by the public? He may be the ONLY contemporary composer I can think of that the general public has not only heard of but can usually say something about.