In London’s Standpoint magazine, tenor Ian Bostridge has a short essay on some of the experiential and philosophical aspects of musical time, at least as he feels it. I think he overreaches a bit in what he credits late Romaticism with attempting, and I’ve always been leery of the whole “music is a language” thing. But it’s a worthwhile read, and a fast one at that; and there are a number of relatively good comments already, just below the article. Take a peek.

2 Responses to “Time Once Again for Time”
  1. Christian says:


    Thanks for sharing this. What do we think about Ian Bostridge the tenor vs. Bostridge the writer? Thus far, I’ve been underwhelmed by his singing….

  2. Anyone else think these ideas are pretty old hat? – he hasn’t said anything I haven’t heard before. He seems to conclude at the end that “music is sometimes powerful” and “it’s difficult to describe or understand its power”. Alright, I suppose I can accept that.

    I haven’t heard him sing (a friend invited me to a Lieder concert that I couldn’t attend), but if the singing is much like the essay writing…