Or at least write the music for one?  Just a couple posts earlier we were talking about composer Chris Becker’s work with dancers. If this is always something you’ve thought about doing, and you happen to be in NYC, a fantastic opportunity is just waiting for you to respond:

Every year, the Joyce Theater Foundation presents “Free Advice”, a series of seminars for dance companies and choreographers spanning a wide range of management and presentation subjects. As part of their schedule this year, on Monday June 22nd at 6:15pm they’re hosting a Choreographer/Composer Meet and Greet, where they promise you can mingle with choreographers who are eager to work with composers, chat each other up, and trade work samples and contact information.

It doesn’t get any easier or better than this, y’all. But word from Joyce SoHo is that they’ve got way more choreograpers signed on than composers. So here’s your chance to take a chance, step up and represent our end of the artistic deal. It’s free, but you do need to RSVP with the little form on their webpage. Joyce SoHo is located at 155 Mercer Street, between Houston and Prince. So put on your walking shoes and pack along some CDRs; you might just find your next big work waiting to happen.

9 Responses to “Wanna Dance?”
  1. Kala Pierson says:

    This is an excellent opportunity. I was part of the first one, a few years ago, and the level of work from the choreographers was extremely high. For those who don’t know, the Joyce and the Joyce SoHo are at the center of the modern dance world in NYC, something like Miller Theatre in that they’re known for presenting the best and most interesting new work.

  2. Chris Becker says:

    The Joyce is wonderful. But let me assure you that fascinating work is being done in this city’s smaller grittier venues (like the Tank and the Brick) well outside of the circles that tend to get reviewed consistently in the NY Times. The dance world in NYC is as varied and complex a network as its music community…and I’m not sure if I myself am comfortable naming a single “hub” or center.

    Thanks for posting this Steve.

  3. Chris Becker says:

    I filled out the form, but there’s no way to send it once you’ve filled it out. Maybe that’s why they haven’t heard from many composers???

    I’m going to email them directly at freeadvice@joyce.org to see if I can register another way…

  4. I just added another link on the form that you can use to register if the “submit” button isn’t showing up on your browser.

    Thanks for your interest! I’ll see you on Monday.

  5. Steve Layton says:

    Ha, that definitely could be part of the problem! (Yeah, I think from what I read that the email will work to RSVP, too.)

  6. Why I need to be in NYC and not western Oklahoma… reason number 6,723…

  7. Steve Layton says:

    No reason they couldn’t think about adding a ‘virtual’ meet & greet next year, or next week for that matter. It’d be as simple as making a page on Ning.

  8. Steve Layton says:

    & come to think of it, I just went ahead and made one right now:


    “Music and Dance Exchange”, open to any and all. Sign up & on, tell your friends & friend’s friends; doesn’t matter where you are, the style you’re looking for, etc… You can create a profile, upload music and video, connect to each other via forums, email, blogs and user-generated groups, add upcoming performances to the events calendar… Whatever, there’s no excuse now!

  9. Chris Becker says:

    This was a fun event by the way…I met some very friendly choreographers. Didn’t get to meet everyone – but that was okay. There were definitely a variety of personalities there. I think people gravitated towards other like minded souls?

    Bravo to the Joyce for coordinating.