Happy Holidays to the Sequenza21 community!

I got a Kindle from my parents for Christmas and I’d like suggestions for your favorite books (fiction or nonfiction, music books strongly desired!) for me (and any one else who also got a kindle or borders gift card or likes books) to consider putting on my eReader!

Thanks and I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season!

- Garrett

4 Responses to “Wish List”
  1. Laoshi Ma says:

    Best fiction book, with only tangential relation to music, though I think the style of the book gives a lot of ideas for form: House of Leaves.

    Just checked my bookshelf — nothing that recommendable for music, though with the ability to use PDF on the kindle, you might want to reopen your JSTOR account…

  2. Christian says:

    Hi Garrett,

    My wife and I love having a New Yorker subscription on her kindle. Also, if you haven’t read them, Alex Ross’ books (The Rest is Noise and Listen to This) would be nice to have.

    How has the selection been for new music titles?

  3. My fiancee and I got Kindles for each other for Christmas this year – I was skeptical at the idea at first but they are great! Currently I am reading free public domain books and haven’t yet paid money for a book. My first purchase will be the second Alex Ross book listed by Christian – pick those up ASAP if you haven’t read them. I also recently finished the Berlioz memoirs in hard copy and they are a riot, even if he stretches the truth a time or two.

    Under the Kindle store, arrow up to the Top 100 and click to see the Top 100 free books. A quick Google search for “free kindle books” will also give you lots of options. I’ve been reading through Mark Twain’s oeuvre and have the complete Edgar Allen Poe ready to read as soon as I meet a looming deadline.

  4. Garrett Schumann says:

    Thanks for the recs!

    Joseph, I’ve been doing the same thing as you and have picked up a bunch of the public domain things (I am a Charles Dickens fiend). I, like you, was skeptical of it, but it has me more sucked in to the stories than I usually am. I really love it.

    Christian, I’ve read and own the first Alex Ross book and got my Dad the newest one in hard cover for Christmas so I will just wait until he is done with it. I am not really aware of music books as the come out, but there are some oldies in the free section that I’ve enjoyed. My favorites so far are Charles Ives’ “Essay before a Sonata” and a book of Beethoven quotes.

    Laoshi, I will definitely look into your suggestion. I am rather old fashioned with my reading and I’m always looking for something more current to put in front of me.

    - Garrett