I just saw this blog post on Alex Ross’ twitter feed and read through it. It makes a great argument (by great, I mean it uses real statistics) to prove funding the arts produces MORE jobs than funding other, more popular areas of the economy, namely alternative energy.

Here is Ross’ tweet, to whet your appetite:

“Alternative energy…generates 1.67 jobs per $100,000 spent, while the arts generates 2.94 jobs per $100,000 spent”

One Response to “The job creating potential of the arts”
  1. Anonymous says:


    Creating is not a Job.

    we learn to make money with artistic business,
    but we don’t learn for to be ARTIST.

    this is typically american.

    and this blog……..is a “contemporary classical music community” for ALL the world…?
    oh non is jus t NEW-YORK.

    i love very much the answer by Muller on the “new alex ross piece”….
    really good answering, and fair (we have to say that the “class-work” of Alex ross need poetry, deepness and others thinks….we have to say it…., no is not so good, a bit boring).
    go out a little bit from your “high rich world” of new composers out from american schools, and come on internet listen very powerful and deep new compositions, and not lesson learned like a brave student,
    where you listen just things make and remake, american new contemporary music need deepness, like a Morton Feldman and not like a Cage’s concept,
    the new italian scene and french scene, kick ass the “modern style” that is an oldness-utopic reactionnaire artistic manners, it’s remenber me the italian futurist or a Messiaen theorie (that is wonderful) one century ago…..but with one century of late…