Are events a thing of the past? I find that people are less interested in going to an ‘event’. Everyone is laying low. It takes more effort to ‘draw’ people. Even the promise of something for free is made less attractive by the time, energy and cost of getting somewhere at night. In the sixties and seventies, events, happenings, parties were everything. Some people would change their entire life overnight as a result of a chance encounter at one of those events, and that’s something I actually have experienced in the early seventies. Certain meetings would entail a whole new phase. We are now very far from this kind of freedom. Everything around us has become so tightly structured. Communications, even though they seem facilitated by email and the internet actually are becoming more complex, because every time you need to get in touch with somebody, you have to use both telephone and email (and possibly snail mail as well) and even that is not so efficient. How many times have you called someone’s cell phone because you need to get in touch with them right away but all you get is another voice mail. I really miss the days when people just picked up their phones. I still do, by the way.

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