Microtonalists are back full force with the Microfest 25th Anniversary festival on March 26, April 8 and May 6 at Faust Harrison Pianos on 58 Street, which explains the unusual amount of classical music on the program, performed in ‘correct’ tuning including…Beethoven and Mendelssohn, plus festival fixtures Johnny Reinhard, Jon Catler, Joseph Pehrson (don’t miss soprano Meredith Borden’s performance she is most likely the only one who can sing this stuff on correct pitch). And nearly at the same time, the other group of Microtonalists with Dean Drummond is doing Harry Partch’s Oedipus at the Alexander Kasser Theater, Montclair, NJ, from March 30 to April 3. At least the dates are not in conflict. And Gamelan Son of Lion – more mircrotonal music in Balinese tunings Slendro and Pelog – is back also on March 24 at Greenwich Arts Music School with special guests Joseph Kubera, piano and Bill Ruyle, percussion.

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