I realize that some of us are concerned that classical music is becoming a subculture. Jazz is already a subculture. So is punk music. So is everything else. The market has become a ‘niche’ market. There is nothing wrong with being a subculture in a society where people will pay $100 to go to a ball game without batting an eyelash but will hesitate to spend $15 on a ticket to a concert. Any form of high art is on its way to being a subculture, in a society that glorifies the ‘dumb American’, and where the role models for the kids growing up are sports stars or rappers. And within the subculture of classical music, there are so many sub-subcultures and so many rival tribal groups. Being a subculture within a subculture is a result of policies that are largely out of our control. We have to learn to live with it, and blogging, far from being a self-indulgent exercise, is one of the few avenues we have left.

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