Some people use blogging as a way to vent any kind of frustration, and if this outlet functions as a kitchen-sink form of healing (throw it all in there), it tends to use the readers as a bouncing device. But as blogging is an exercise in our newfound freedom of expression, I hesitate to recommend any kind of limit on what to say.

The question is, what does the blog accomplish? Is it simply a selfish, egotistical tool of power or revenge, or is it a way to serve the music community by providing positive, creative ideas?

Blogging etiquette is very much up to the blogger. My own etiquette, as I am an essentially ethical individual, is to avoid causing harm by what I say, which means that I will not criticize my colleagues, or praise my friends just because they are my friends – because I am not the most objective in that situation. If I mention someone else in the blog, I make sure they are aware of it by exchanging a few emails or calls with them before hand and fully approve of what is being quoted.

I also make an effort to check my facts and not print anything that is misinformed or misspelled.

There is nothing else, beyond these simple rules, to censor the chit chat.

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