Another devastation, close to home. Make your donation to the Red Cross, however small. I had a friend in New Orleans and was on pins and needles until I heard that he had escaped early… because he listened to the mayor’s warning to evacuate. Does composing mean anything under these circumstances? All I hear is the sound of water and it’s not pretty.

There could very well be a need for a composers’ support group. Here are my
twelve steps of overcoming the dangerous addiction to composing:

1. Stop getting up at 5AM to compose before going to work.

2. Dry spells? Just extend them.

3. Remember you are too old to do it. It is just not healthy.

4. You are too young to do it, it will certainly get you in trouble.

5. You’re a woman. Unless you want to fight the same battles that were won twenty years ago and then lost, better go wash some dishes.

6. Instead of spending all you available cash on your next production, take a vacation.

7. You’re already famous, so don’t overdo it.

8. You aren’t famous, so don’t even think about it.

9. No one’s going to want that orchestral piece anyway. Go watch some TV.

10. How about that relationship you’ve given up for your music? Don’t mess up this one.

11. If you have a vision, put it on tape and bury it under 10 feet of rubble.

12. OR, just put it all on the internet.

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