This week, I was perusing the program for Downtown Music Productions, with its new home at St Mark’s Church (10th St and Second Avenue) on Sunday afternoons. DMP twice received an ASCAP award for adventurous programming and it is unique in New York for its unexpected associations. ‘Downtown’ actually is a misnomer, because true-to-form ‘downtown’ composers are not often featured in this eclectic program. A lot of straightforward classical music is presented, like Aaron Copland, French composers (Fauré, Darius Milhaud, Eric Satie) but also women classics that no one else performs, like Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn, all blended with Chinese music, uptown women Mary Carol Warwick, Joyce Hope Suskind, Rebecca Clarke and Lera Auerbach, and Laura Wolfe, blues singer-songwriter turned composer, with subjects like satire and ecology, programs for children and the elderly and DMP’s annual Benson AIDS Series at Trinity Church on December 1 (1PM), featuring works by Robert Chesley, Lee Gannon, Chris DeBlasio, and Kevin Oldham, performed by Marshall Coid, countertenor, David Eggar, cello and Mimi Stern-Wolfe, piano.

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