Flutist Andrew Bolotowsky, son of the illustrious painter by the same name, is a unique character. His musical interests are basically the same as mine: an eccentric mix of Baroque passion, microtonal experimentation and eclectic modernism. For Bolotowsky, playing the flute is art. He could never be happy with the routine work of an orchestra player. He is by essence a shining soloist, with a unique control of tonal color. He has been extensively recorded on labels Orion, Opus I, Station Hill, Golden Age Records, New Wilderness Cassettes, Frog Peak, 4Tay, Sonic Muse, XI, Stereo Society, C.R.I., Newport Classic and Quill Classics. It’s not often that a musician can premiere with equal ease a Dave Brubeck, an Alan Hovhaness, and a Meyer Kupferman. Bolotowsky is also very open to interpreting music by women, and has worked with Beth Anderson, Lenore Van Stein and Judith St Croix. He loves it when people write stuff for him so there is your cue, my fellow composers. You won’t be disappointed. He has already premiered over 100 new works, many of which written for him…Merry Christmas!

The New York Flute Club is having an event this coming Sunday, December 18, at 5:30PM, featuring Andrew Bolotowsky and another Baroque flute luminary, Sandra Miller, a virtuoso of the Baroque flauto traverso and founding member of Concert Royal. The program will take place at the Yamaha Piano Salon, 689 Fifth Avenue (entrance on 54th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues), tickets $10 at the door, and will feature Baroque as well as contemporary music.

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