Marvin Rosen’s annual feature on women on WPRB Classical Discoveries(103.3FM, Princeton, NJ) is getting double air time this year… The series, beginning March 1st, will continue every Wednesday morning from 6AM to 11 AM during March, with works by over 100 women composers, 80% devoted to modern music (20th and 21st centuries). On March 15 Marvin will welcome Katherine Hoover as a featured guest, a composer whose orchestral pieces have been performed throughout the United States.

What makes this program, entitled In Praise of Women, particularly interesting, is the depth of the research on women from all time periods and nationalities. Some names on this list are familiar but some are true ‘classical discoveries’. Here are some historical and geographical data on past programs from the last two years:

Joan Tower (USA 1938-)
Maria Xaveria Perucona (Italy 1652- ca.1709)
Olga Gorell (USA 1920-)
Catharina van Rennes (Holland 1858-1940)
Gunild Keetman (Germany 1904-1990)
Ruth Schonthal (USA 1924-)
Sister Marie Keyrouz (Lebanon -)
Binnette Lipper (USA -)
Estelle D. Ricketts (USA 1871-?)
Mari Takano (Japan 1960-)
Libby Larsen (USA 1950-)
Hildegard von Bingen (Germany 1098-1179).
Kassia (Greece 810-?)
Germaine Tailleferre (France 1892-1983)
Denise Broadhurst (USA – )
Juana Ines de la Cruz ( Mexico 1648-1695)
Betty Olivero (Israel 1954 -)
Alice Ho (Canada -)
Ellen Taffe Zwilich (USA 1939-)
Beata Moon (USA -)
Elizabeth Hoffman (USA 1961-)
Carin Malmlof-Forssling (Sweden 1916-)
Zara Levina (Russia 1906-1976)
Amy Beach (USA 1867-1944)
Henriette Bosmans (Holland 1895-1952)
Nadia Boulanger (France 1887-1979)
Jeanne Demessieux (France 1921-1968)
Lady Killigrew (England 17th c.)
Galina Grigorjeva (Ukraine/Estonia 1962-)
Gayaneh Tchebodarian (Armenia 1918-1998)
Eleni Karaindrou ( Greece )
Stefania De Kenessey (USA)
Sister Marie Keyrouz (Lebanon )
Becky Llewellyn (USA/Australia 1950-)
Adeline Shepherd (USA 1883-1950)
Rachel Portman (England 1960
Lucilla Galeazzi (Italy)
Betty Anne Wong (USA 1938-)
Iva Bittova (Czech Republic 1958
Elizabeth Poston (England 1905-1987)

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