Many years ago I was amazed when for the first time, I heard Baroque music performed with the original temperaments and instruments. However subtle, if you have ears, you will enjoy the difference – it’s like looking at a painting with the perfect lighting.

This year the American Festival of Microtonal Music is presenting classics with that same enjoyable twist: AFMM researched the authentic and most appropriate temperaments for each piece – and prompts you to rediscover the Moonlight Sonata performed by Joshua Pierce in Kirnberger III (practical just intonation) and Georg Philipp Telemann’s Sonata in F minor for bassoon and harpsichord in 1/6th comma meantone, performed by Rebecca Pachevsky and Johnny Reinhard.

The two concerts will take place on March 25th and May 6th (8PM) at the Church of St. Luke in the Fields down in the West Village (487 Hudson St at Grove Street).

The Micro Fest will also feature premieres by Joel Mandelbaum, John Eaton and Johnny Reinhard, and a tribute to Tui St George Tucker.

And if you can’t make it to the concert, you can get a copy of Early, one of the releases on Pitch, the AFMM label ( with pieces by JS and JM Bach and Werckmeister (who is better known for his tunings than his compositions). Also worth noting is the Charles Ives’s Universe Symphony as realized and conducted by Johnny Reinhard (

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