It was at the A.I.R. Gallery, all the way on the West side on 25th Street, in a modern, concrete building but with the feeling of the old seventies Soho. The walls were action-packed with hundreds of small pieces of all possible styles: from the grim, ars povera pieces like pages of an old book stacked up and waxed, to pink ceramic rotund shapes, to abstract watercolors, to pieces so delicately woven they could have been worn as jewelry, in every material, set of colors, style, even three-dimensional self-portraits in the most unexpected rendition – 354 artists total, all women. The list is too large for me to reproduce here. The vitality of the art aided by the cleverness of the curating makes for a great spring eye-opener. There is also an online ’silent auction’, and since the pieces are priced from $100 – $500 on average, one could even contemplate owning one of these remarkable women’s works.

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