Do Hollywood-acclaimed, money-making composers still crave the prestige of Lincoln Center? Is having an opera premiere at Lincoln Center a match for an Oscar? Possibly, judging by three recent or upcoming productions: Rachel Portman, who sports no less than 73 film and TV scores, had The Little Prince premiered at the New York City Opera this winter; Tan Dun, who won an Academy Award for his score Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon is having a premiere at the Met this winter, The First Emperor; and now Elliot Goldenthal’s Grendel will be premiered on July 11 through 16 at the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center(212-870-5500.)

Goldenthal received an impressive number of Oscar and Grammy nominations, and the L.A. Film Critics Award for The Butcher Boy. He did the soundtrack for Julie Taymor’s film Titus, starring Anthony Hopkins, and apparently that was the start of a fruitful collaboration since Julie Taymor (whose most successful achievement was The Lion King) directed Grendel. The piece is based on the John Gardner’s 1971 novella of the same name, and a piece of ancient epic literature entitled Beowulf, something about heroes, monsters and dragons, kings and queens, dating back from before the 10th Century A.D – and actually the oldest, miraculously preserved piece of British literature.

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