Andrew2009bAndrew Bolotowsky performs all-women free program
“WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?” is a unique solo flute program assembled over a period of years by flutist Andrew Bolotowsky.  This recital spans 20th and 21st centuries by twelve different women composers presents an extraordinarily wide variety of musical styles from tonal to experimental, from traditional to extended techniques, performed on many different types of wood and metal flutes – some that you never even knew existed, some that he had designed specially for the purpose of the piece: Baroque bass flute, alto flute, piccolo and more – he has a  special sound for each piece. The featured women composers are: Ruth Crawford Seeger (+1953), Tui St George Tucker (+2004), Beth Anderson, Sorrel Hays, Elodie Lauten, Jennifer Post, Judith Sainte Croix, Joyce Hope Suskind, Deborah Thurlow, Anne Tardos, Lenore Von Stein, Lynn Wilson.

Note: this program presented by Lower East Side Performing Arts is entirely free of charge. It takes place at the New York Public Library (Hamilton Fish Branch at 415 Houston and Avenue D), at 2pm on Saturday, August 22,  and…the auditorium IS air-conditioned.

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