Le Vent du Nord gets to hear what they sound like backed by an 80 piece orchestra. Rejean is diggin’ it. Quebec City, December, 2009.

This past December I orchestrated an entire concert’s worth of music for my old friends Le Vent du Nord to perform with the Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec. At 12 arrangements it was the equivalent of writing a whole album. The score & parts weighed in at over 1,500 pages and were handled brilliantly by music prep ayatollah Arlo McKinnon.

Aside from the quite logical requirement that I adhere to the routines of the songs as the guys perform them, I was given complete creative control. I worked from lead sheets & MP3s. My role models were the wildly inventive orchestrations that Dave Grusin wrote for the Brasil ’66 albums Fool on the Hill & Crystal Illusions. I’ve been in love with those records since I was 10. They’re on my iPhone right now.

The CBC & Radio Canada broadcast the concert nationally on New Year’s Eve. The complete concert is allegedly available for streaming on Radio Canada’s Espace Musique, although their website is to me unfathomable. If you can find it let me know & I’ll post the link here.

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  1. Chris Becker says:

    Tom, I showed some of the concert video to my step father yesterday while bragging that 1.) you were a friend of mine and 2.) that you had insisted I buy Sibelius for my notational needs (my step dad is a computer gear freak so I was showing him the various kinds of music software I use). Take care – oh, yes – and all props to Arlo (who is also a fine music writer/critic).

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