Mp3 Blog #15: Andrei Tarkovsky

Luigi Nono:
”No hay caminos, hay que caminar…Andrei Tarkovsky” (1987)
For orchestra in seven groups

Performed by the Baden South West Radio Symphony Orchestra

Available for purchase on this compact disc featured two other works by Luigi Nono

’I want to know – do you yourself believe in God or don’t you’ Nikolai Vsevolodovich looked at him sternly.

‘I believe in Russia and Russian Orthodoxy … I believe in the body of Christ … I believe that the Second Coming will be in Russia … I believe …’ Shatov began to splutter in desperation.

‘And in God? In God?’

‘I … I shall believe in God!’

-Fyodor Dostievsky, “The Possessed”

By means of art man takes over reality through a subjective experience…

A masterpiece is a space closed in upon itself… Beauty is in the balance of the parts. And the paradox is that the more perfect the work, the more clearly does one feel the absence of any associations generated by it. The perfect is unique. Or perhaps it is able to generate an infinite number of associations – which ultimately means the same thing…

The fate of the genius in the system of human knowledge is amazing and instructive. These sufferers…, doomed to destroy in the name of movement and reconstruction, find themselves in a paradoxical state of unstable equilibrium between longing for happiness and the conviction that happiness, as a feasible reality or state, does not exist… Real happiness, happy happiness, consists, as we know, in the aspiration towards that happiness which cannot but be absolute: that absolute after which we thirst…

It is natural, therefore, that not even specialist critics have the delicacy of touch required to dissect for analysis the idea of a work and its poetic imagery. For an idea does not exist in art except in the images which give it form, and the image exists as a kind of grasping of reality by the will, which the artist undertakes according to his own inclinations and idiosyncrasies of his worldview…

Clearly the hardest thing for the working artist is to create his own conception and follow it, unafraid of the strictures t imposes, however rigid these may be…I see it as the clearest evidence of genius when an artist follows his conception, his idea, his principle, so unswervingly that he has this truth of his constantly in his control, never letting go of it even for the sake of his own enjoyment of his work.

And so the discovery of a method becomes the discovery of someone who has acquired the gift of speech. And at that point we may speak of the birth of an image; that is, of a revelation.

-Andrei Tarkovsky, “Sculpting in Time”

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