Mp3 Blog #92: “Rumore Sui”

Denys Bouliane:
“Rumore sui”: (2002-2003)
Via prima
Via secunda

For string quartet

Performed by the Quatuor Bozzini

Recording not commercially released

* * * * *

“Rumore sui” is the second in Denys Bouliane’s new trilogy of chamber works (the first being the previously posted ”Qualia sui” (2001-02) for piano trio and the final being “Tremore sui” for violin and piano (2004-)). The thematic linking in these works derives itself from the Latin word “sui” which means “of oneself.” As the trilogy progresses a there is a progression towards a deeper level of introspective probing.

The two movements in “Rumore sui” are essentially two views on the same musical material — the first movement an extroverted view and the second an introverted view. The second movement of this work with its early culminating vortex and the following hypnotic shattered modal faux-music-box is quite possibly my favorite of all of Denys’s works.

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