MP3 Blog #104: Swirling Cosmic Blues 1

La Monte Young: Bb Dorian Blues (ca. 1964?)

Performed by La Monte Young, sopranino saxophone, and unknown others (Marian Zazeela and Agnus MacLise?), drone and percussion

Unavailable commercially

*   *   *   *   *

“A minimalist work is not diminutive, and it is not underdetermined or open to ambient events.  It saturates the field with uniformity or monotony.  The audience has to supply the psychological modulations, not because the experience is underdetermined – but because the program is a saturation of uniformity.

It mattered greatly that Young’s medium was a temporal one who carrier was ‘surround sound.’   With fatigue, or engrossment, one’s perception altered spontaneously.  The experience, therefore, was mind-altering.”

-Harry Flynt, “La Monte Young in New York, 1960-62″

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