A little over a year ago I put a little link on my blog that counts visitors and keeps track of some information about where the 100 most recent visitors are from, how they found my blog, how many entries they looked at, and how long they stayed at my blog. (BTW, trust me I don’t use this information for any illicit purposes, I just have a fascination with human statistics.)

Earlier today I looked at my counter and I was amazed to find out the number of visits to my blog is over 43,000 and the page visits on has exceded 100,000! Furthermore it seems that the number of visits I get every day has more that quadrupled in the last year, now averaging just above 200 blog visits and 400 page visits a day!

I never would have expected this type of traffic and would like to thank everybody who has checked out my blog in the last year and those of you who continue visit in ever increasing numbers.

…okay, back to composing.

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