MP3 Blog #111: Varèse Electronic

Edgard Varèse:

Interpolations from Déserts (1954 revision):

Interpolation 1

Interpolation 2

Interpolation 3

La procession de verges (1955) (first track on the link)

Poème électronique (1957-58)

All originally for magnetic tape

*   *   *   *   *

I first got into Varèse’s music after hearing a performance of his masterwork Integrales.  Soon after I heard his piece Poème électronique and was really in love.

Collected in this post is all the electronic music that Varèse authorized for performance.

It has been said that Varèse considered it appropriate to play all of the interpolations from Desérts together as a single work.  Because of this I put them together here.

La procession de verges is a piece that is extremely hard to find.  To my knowledge, it has never been released commercially.  It is only recently that a friend of mine found this work online that I was able to hear this frequently overlooked component of Varèse’s tiny oeuvre.

Finally, I would consistently argue that Poème électronique is the first great masterwork of electronic music.  Related to my last two posts of the repeated instances of repeated decays are some of favorite and most affecting moments in this piece.

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