Concentration and Composition

I used to think that I could easily do multiple things at once and never lose my concentration. In the last year or so I’ve begun to realize that this was really an incorrect perception – when I am really involved in something it overwhelms my entire concentration. This is particularly the case with composing. For example whenever I become deeply involved in a compositional project the rest of my life falls into severe disorder.

I bring this up because in the last week I’ve become deeply absorbed in working on my new composition “Sing/Lose” for the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne. In this time I’ve also lost all regularity in my sleeping, eating, and working schedules. I used to have a routine where I would wake regularly at noon, work until 7 or 8 P.M., cook and eat dinner, work a little more, and either read or spend time with friends until I went to sleep. This week, in contrast, I’ve woken up at completely different times every day and even spontaneously taken a nap one evening at 8 P.M., worked on my score for as much as twelve hours straight or as little as two hours straight, had absolutely no idea what to do for dinner every day except one, and spent most evenings pondering what my piece needs or spontaneously taken walks around Montréal.

I bring this up because this irregularity will probably continue for the next month or few weeks until I feel satisfied with the score. As a result I doubt I will remember to check comments and post that many long entries. That said I do intend to continue posting music – I just may not have as much to say about it as I’ve had to in the past.

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