Mp3 Blog #71: String Quartet(s)

Helmut Lachenmann:
String Quartet #2 “Riegen seliger Geister” (1988-89)
Performed by the Arditti String Quartet

Available on compact disc at SMusic

* * * * *

A few nights ago I was tooling around with the idea of creating a index for all of the music that I have posted in Mp3 blog entries. I began to classify each piece by composer when I got the idea to classify them by instrumentation. At this point I began to notice that I’ve easily posted more music for string quartet than any other instrumental combination. (For example I’ve posted my own string quartet ”Black Stream”, Georg Friedrich Haas’s String Quartet #1, Horatio Radulescu’s String Quartet #4, part of Steve Reich’s ”Different Trains”, Fausto Romitelli’s ”Flowing Down too Slow”, Scelsi’s String Quartet #3, John Rea’s ”Objets Perdus”, Wolgang Rihm’s String Quartet #3, as well as Lachenmann’s ”Gran Torso and String Quartet #3 “Grido”.)

This tendency in my Mp3 blog posts reflects my love for the string quartet medium. To further celebrate this love I’ve decided that in the next seven days I’m going to post eleven different string quartets from the last century. To start this week I’m posting here the eleventh complete string quartet I’ve posted on my blog and also the only other string quartet by Helmut Lachenmann that I hadn’t posted until now – “Riegen seliger Geister.” Enjoy!

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